Will Teather from the UK - Backstage at the Hippodrome

Backstage at the Hippodrome 2014

Oil, alkyd, acrylic, pigment and ink on canvas 122 x 76 cm


Backstage at the Hippodrome’ is set at the Yarmouth Hippodrome and is part of a series of paintings titled ‘Another Orient’, which, according to the artist, ‘draws connections between the sense of the unknowable and exotic with the carnival/circus culture of Europe and the Western notions of the Orient.’ A theatre bill in the background of the work depicts Maudeline Spacks, a frequent character in Teather’s oeuvre. Another poster in the top right corner announces the re-emergence of the artist in 2380 as a perfectly preserved specimen from the twentieth century.

About the Artist: Will Teather’s (1980) remarkable résumé manifests the artist’s elaborate exhibition history. After finishing his studies at Central St. Martins and the Chelsea College of Art & Design, Teather was the artist-in-residence for the Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwhich, where his current studio is located. His radiantly lifelike paintings portray dreamlike scenes that leave viewers with feelings that can only be described as ‘uncanny’. A peculiar interplay of light, perspective and diverse techniques provokes curiosity and admiration of this highly praised artist. Teather has been involved in many collaborations with theatre groups, artist collectives, performers and musicians. He also co-founded The Chelsea Collective, made up of postgraduate alumni from the Chelsea College of Art & Design. 

text by Jesse Voetman