Katrine Storebo from Norway - The Paheli Girls

The Paheli Girls 2015

Oil on canvas · 55.5 x 65.5 cm


I am fascinated by a time before technology. A time when there was more room for imagination, direct communication and play,’ Katrine Storebo explains. Her painting ‘The Paheli Girls’ is based on an old photograph from India, dating back to 1920. The artist imagines the girls in the middle of a game of hide and seek, or dressing up. She senses a sense of mystery in the situation and the girls’ expressions. Paheli means riddle or mystery in Hindi.

About the Artist: Katrine Storebø studied Art & Design, Visual Communication and Visual Media in Norway and the United Kingdom, after which she obtained her MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in 2009. She uses warm and bright colours in her oil paintings, inspired by the atmosphere of the fin de siècle in Paris. Her studies in Visual Communication and Communication Design are reflected in her works, where interactions and social relations between human subjects play a significant role. Storebø is based in London, where her works have been featured in many exhibitions and group shows. 

text by Jesse Voetman