Margaretta Gilboy from the US - Daphne and Apollo

Daphne and Apollo 2008

Oil on linen · 61 x 76 cm

£3,000 at the 1st USEUM exhibition


A poster of Bernini's sculpture "Apollo and Daphne" at the Galleria Borghese in Rome was a major impetus behind this still life,’ says Margaretta Gilboy. A Cubist approach is eminent in the composition, found in the juxtaposition of angles and points of view, and the disruption of the space. In her work the artist presents three periods in the history of art (the Renaissance, the Post-modern and the Contemporary), as well as nature and culture, both high and low. The Venetian mirror in the centre of the painting shows a glimpse of the legs of the artist , who remains largely invisible.

About the Artist: After finishing her BFA at the Philadelphia College of Art, Margaretta Gilboy continued her studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder where she obtained her MFA. Her long career includes countless solo exhibitions, group shows, awards, grants and publications. Gilboy’s paintings, using mainly oil paint, demonstrate great mastery of artistic composition. She uses clear colours and bright patterns in her work without losing an aura of togetherness within the paintings. Outside her active career as a painter, Gilboy taught drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Pennsylvania from 1986 until 2002, after which she worked as an instructor of painting and drawing at the Arts League of Denver. 

text by Jesse Voetman