Jon Bøe Paulsen from Norway - Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer 2014

Oil on canvas · 46 x 42 cm

£8,000 at the 1st USEUM exhibition

I consider myself as an artist belonging to the group of new realists where the human being is looked upon in a new light and painted strongly figurative,’ Jon Boe Paulsen muses. In ‘Dead Ringer’ he portrays a woman who sees beyond herself in the reflection of the mirror. He added the reflection of something unwanted, yet still true, to the normally recognisable image. This as a way of reminding us of the fact that we are all mortal, something that we tend to forget in our days of glory.

About the Artist: Jon Bøe Paulsen’s (1958) paintings are hauntingly realistic. His impeccable skills give filmic qualities to his works. The artist studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (US) and graduated from the Norwegian State Art Academy in 1984. His portraits tell many stories in one single image, and his dynamic between light and dark add a carravaggistic feel. Bøe Paulsen’s success as an artist was translated into various commis- sions, awards and publications, including a documentary film on his life. The artist’s work has been featured in exhibitions in Norway, the United States, France and the United Kingdom. 

text by Jesse Voetman