"There’s nothing more genuinely artistic than to love people."

(Vincent van Gogh)

My palms sweat like crazy, my voice is trembling and my hands feel empty without his to caress, my eyes keep wandering around with no reason and purpose, my feet just hold me there and… there he is!

He can’t see me, otherwise he would have run towards me, to hold me and keep my hands in his, to hug me and never let me go… Oh...

Who am I kidding? He doesn’t even know I exist, he doesn’t want to dive deep into my eyes, he doesn’t dream of me like I do for the last endless months… I need to get lost and stop fooling myself… Where is my coat, damn, I need to go, I need to cry alone in my room…

“Is this what you are looking for?”. I turn and suddenly… The sun in the night, the rainbow during the rain, the sea into the desert and him, holding my damn coat. I love my coat!

Text By dora pavlidou