Gonzalo Orquín from Spain - Handsome Winner

Handsome Winner 2015

Pencil, collage with vintage papers, embroidery letters · 55 x 44 cm


Handsome Winner’ is part of a series of works on paper that Gonzalo Orquín has created over the past few months. He found inspiration in the literary masterpieces of some of his favourite writers. This particular work is inspired by the highly controversial novel ‘The City and the Pillar’ by American writer Gore Vidal. Published in 1946, the book tells the coming of age story of young boy discovering his homosexuality and was both detested and praised by the public.

About the Artist: Gonzalo Orquín’s (1982) infamous photographs of same-sex couples kissing in Italian churches received worldwide attention after the Vatican censored an exhibition of the works in a Roman gallery. In his realistic paintings the artist portrays honest, sometimes controver- sial, situations in which he often makes use of reflective surfaces in order to witness the scene from various angles. The artist’s artistic skills come to their full advantage in his dark, highly detailed portraits and still lives. Orquín also explores mixed media, photography and street art murals. He frequently exhibits his works in galleries and art fairs throughout Europe, both in solo exhibitions and group shows. 

text by Jesse Voetman