Miguel Ángel Oyarbide from Spain - Oaks in Avila

Oaks in Avila (Spain) 2008

Oil on canvas · 75 x 54 cm


Miguel Ángel Oyarbide spends most of his winters in the town of Avila, where he created this piece. It is part of a series that he started in 2008, using a newly developed process that involves building the painting as a grisaille (monochrome), and then applying colour by glazing and scumbling. Overall this creates a naturalistic and melancholic winter season mood. The artist has very personal attachments to the places portrayed in his work, as he often paints at the place where he lives at that time. About ‘Oaks in Avila’ he explains: ‘after years in contact with the austere and nearly barren landscape of Avila I felt very moved by the dramatic winter and its effects on the local oak trees.’

About the Artist: Miguel Ángel Oyarbide (1954) developed an interest in art at an early age. At seventeen he studied as an apprentice under sculptor Francisco Espinós, and then went on to pursue a degree at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. The artist makes use of a wide range of techniques including woodcut, intaglio, lithography and ferrography, as well as materials such as oil paint and charcoal. Miguel Ángel Oyarbide is best known for his portraits and landscapes, the latter often being devoid of people. As a result, his works express a certain tranquillity in which nature’s qualities –their colours, shapes, and play with light- are brought to their finest. Besides workingas a painter, he publishes books and teaches in his studio in Madrid. 

text by Jesse Voetman