Azamat Kuliev from Turkey - Anxiety

Anxiety 2013

Oil on canvas · 100 x 80 cm


While teaching at the Anaduolu University in Istanbul Azamat Kuliev encountered and observed many female students, professors and clerks. In their eyes Kuliev recognised something that he never notices in the eyes of children or men: worries of mothers, sisters and wives. ‘I could almost feel the pain or anxiety for their close ones,’ the artist explains. He believes that this is exactly what is keeping today’s mad world, full of aggression and war, in balance.

About the Artist: Azamat Kuliev (1963) studied painting under B.V. Johansson at the St. Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum. He continued his studies at the Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture’s department of painting. Kuliev’s portraits in oil paint vary from highly realistic, almost photographical, portrayals of contemporary curators to works in which he brings the expertise of the old masters into the present. Kuliev lives in Istanbul, where he works as a lecturer at the Anadolu University. His works have been exhibited through- out Russia and Turkey, as well as in shows in Italy, Spain and the United States.

text by Jesse Voetman