Hany Mansy from Egypt - Tribute

Tribute 2015

Mixed media on raw wood with brass bars embedded · 60 x 70 cm

£800 at the 1st USEUM exhibition


Tribute’ emanates from the Torah, which tells the story that earth is carried by animals, and that animals and other creatures are essential to the survival of the earth. Hany Mansy explains how he tries to offer a tribute to animals for the mistakes made by all of humankind in order to help us through the difficult time we live in today. The technique used by the artist complements this idea. When preparing the raw wood for painting he enters a dialogue between himself and the material, and the journey of discovering the characteristics of the wood is essential in the creation of the artwork.

About the Artist: Hany Mansy (1983) is a designer, illustrator and game artist. In 2005 he graduated from the Alexandria School of Fine Arts,where he obtained his BA in Painting. Besides his graphic artwork, Mansy uses mixed material on raw wood to portray animals, human figures and geometrical shapes. His highly diverse body of work stands testament to his versatility and creativity. Mansy believes that everything that is made with care is art, and everyone who loves his work is an artist. This motto permeates throughout his work, where the attention to detail shows Mansy’s care for his craft, despite the medium he uses. 


text by Jesse Voetman