Dominika Kaczmarczyk from Poland - Meditation

Meditation 2014

Mixed media on canvas · 60 x 60 cm


According to Dominika, ‘the work of art is an abstract painting depicting the state of peacefulness and connection with the universe. It is the first one in the series. It is inspired by meditation and searching for enlightenment. In the 21st century life is very fast and with that series of paintings I wanted to catch the beauty of the moments of reflection. Of course, as in all my works, the aesthetic, "decorative" aspect was also very important.’

About the Artist: Dominika Kaczmarczyk graduated from the Cracow University of Technology in 2009 with a speciali- sation in Architecture and Urban Design. She now works as an architect and interior designer, drawing inspiration and pleasure from the decorative aspects of art. Many of Kaczmarczyk’s paintings are highly abstract, and give voice to the colours and shapes: sometimes bold and textured, sometimes dark with orderly arranged geometrical shapes. Her illustrations are more figurative and often depict skulls and animals in tessellation-like creations. The artist has exhibited her work in galleries in Cracow. 

text by Jesse Voetman