Carol Isern from Spain - Traça

Traça 2015

Mixed media (acrylic, plaster, black ink) · 80 x 80 cm


In my landscapes I intend to express a sense of our journey through life,’ Carol Isern reveals. In Catalan, traça can mean both trace and skill, and this double meaning of the term is demonstrated in the painting. The artist conveys a sense of walking through a terrain following tracks by one’s own skills. She attempts to find an equilibrium between abstrac- tion and figuration by letting the materials imprint their character in the surfaces. Mistakes and divergences from the original purpose are thus welcome.

About the Artist: After her study of philology and work in a painter’s studio, Carol Isern found herself drifting away from the painting profession as she pursued a career in publish- ing. Luckily, she rediscovered her enthusiasm for the arts and took courses in graphic design, painting and illustration. Isern works with mixed media in the exploration and execution of her abstract landscapes. Her use of ink, plaster, charcoal, acrylic and pigments on surfaces such as paper, wood and canvas results in the creation of scenic compositions that linger between abstraction and figuration. In her creative process the artist allows for the materials to transform the paintings, playing with the concepts of chance and unforeseen outcomes. 

text by Jesse Voetman