Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz from Spain - Granadas al Sol

Granadas al Sol 2007

Mixed media on canvas · 50 x 60 cm


For ‘Granadas al SolGregorio Vallejo drew inspiration from the autumn sun in Southern Spain, with its ochre colours and long shadows. Pomegranates are a typical fruit of the fall season, and are present throughout Vallejo’s body of work. The artist depicts the moment right after the fruits hit the floor, when they burst open to show their full glory. He used various materials -such as a jute canvas, oil paint, wax and sand- that are in dialogue with one another in demon- strating the artistic process.

About the Artist: Gregorio Vallejo Gormariz’s career as an artist started off in Spain, where he studied under Ginés Liébana for a year. He moved his studio to Amsterdam, and in 2002 he finished his studies at the Wackers Academy. The artist mainly works with oil on canvas or ink on paper, yet he does not shy away from more experimental techniques, like collage, and materials, such as pigment, wax and copper. His still life portrayal of fruits and his meticulous representation of natural elements show stillness and movement respectively, the latter being achieved in his studies of the human body that seem to flow on the paper. Vallejo Gomariz has an extensive exhibition history in Spain, the Netherlands, and most recently, in Sweden. 

text by Jesse Voetman