Kelly John Gough from South Africa - Miss Molly

Miss Molly 2015

Oil on wood · 49 x 49 cm (+4.5 cm frame)

£700  at the 1st USEUM exhibition

"There is something beautiful and alluring yet hauntingly sad about the portraits of the Ziegfeld Follies dancing girls of the 1920s – including this one, Miss Molly," says Kelly John Gough. "Their black and white portraits showcase the elegance and glamour for which they were cast in the lavish Ziegfeld Follies Broadway shows as dancers. Yet in every young woman's eyes and carefully constructed pose there is an aching loneliness and sense of melancholy and longing that gripped me. It inspired a series of portraits that I have completed, with Miss Molly being one of the first."

About the Artist: South African artist Kelly John Gough received his diploma in Graphic Design in 1995, after which he worked in publishing and production for twelve years. From 2002 to 2007he painted as a patron under Andre Redinger. Gough works mainly with oil paint on raw wood panels, which allows for the wood grains to blend with the skin of his subjects. Cough’s nudes are bold, intimate and at times, erotic. They radiate both strength and vulnerability, and his portraits capture the core of the subjects. Gough’s artworks include both ready-to-hang works and commis- sions, and have been exhibited in galleries throughout Cape Town and Johannesburg.

text by Jesse Voetman