John Albert Walker from the UK - Transcendence, Esher or Walking the Dog

Transcendence, Esher, or Walking the Dog 2014

Oil on linen · 71 x 122 cm


Along the Old Church Path in Esher, Surrey, a female dog walker passes the rear of St George’s Church. The artist frequently uses this path, and the churchyard serves as a constant reminder of his mortality. John Albert Walker was inspired by the quality of sunlight behind the trees, leaves, gravestones and the wooden fence. About the dog he says: ‘I am fond of including dogs in my pictures, because I like them and because they are useful as staffage.’

About the Artist: John Albert Walker (1938) is a renowned artist, art critic and art historian. Trained as a painter in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the late 1950s, Walker worked as a lecturer in visual arts at Middlesex University in London for many years. His oeuvre contains an incredibly diverse range of subjects, yet throughout Walker’s career as a painter the orange has been a recurring feature.. After a twenty-year long hiatus, Walker resumed painting. His recent work demonstrates colourful, often historic, urban scenery in which human figures pose, stroll and linger. 

text by Jesse Voetman