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USEUM is The World's Art Museum that brings together art museums & galleries, artists and art lovers in a meritocratic spectacle. As we are not far from the day that a million followers and a billion likes will be as powerful as an art critique, the vision and the constitutional aim of USEUM is to boldly blend the authoritative awesome with the socially fabulous; empowering the art lovers and acclaiming the art professionals in a born-digital art fair where everybody celebrates art, redefining intuitively the values of the Art Market to emerge.


How can I get involved?


USEUM is the Perfect Art Portfolio website

for 3 simple reasons:


1. Profit from the USEUM Shop

Design and sell high quality t-shirts, mugs and prints featuring your artworks. Create products in minutes and name your price for all prints. You earn a commission for every sale of prints and merchandise!


How the USEUM Shop works

2. Exhibit next to Old Masters

Join our online exhibition and see your works next to Rembrandt, Monet or Cézanne. We love seeing contemporary works next to Old Masters!

3. Network with Art Lovers & fellow Artists

See and be seen as part of USEUM's online community! Who knows: your biggest fan could be just waiting to find you!


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