Milena Gaytandzhieva from Bulgaria - Blue swan

Blue Swan 2012

Digital painting · 50 x 70 cm

Limited Edition digital prints on high quality fine art paper (matte fine art, textured, 100% cellulose, white, 310 g)

£250 (digital print)

After attending an exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery of Sofia, Milena Gaytandzhieva was so inspired by the artworks that she went home and immediately set to work. On a Wacom tablet (her virtual art studio) she drew ‘Blue Swan’, using digital watercolour brushes on Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. The artist expresses how she felt reborn, free and beautiful - just like the ‘Blue Swan’ that floats above the water. 

About the Artist: Milena Gaytandzhieva (1980) obtained her bachelor degree in Textile from the National Academy of Art in Sofia in 2004. Working as a freelance artist and designer since then, her practice has developed in the exploration of art, advertising, graphic design and web design. Gaytandzhieva’s work is characterised by the use of bright,vibrant colours and a diversity of styles and mediums. Her floral designs find the intersection between tradition and innovation, and her paintings demonstrate a wide range of approaches from exquisitely executed caricatures to intimate portraits. Gaytandzhieva exhibits her work on various online platforms and web shops. 

text by Jesse Voetman