Nicolas Curmer from France - Les Prochains

‘Les Prochains’ 2013

Oil on wood · 85 x 85 cm


Nicolas Curmer had the idea of painting a scene from the Parisian subway for quite a while before starting to work on ‘Les Prochains’. He used black and white photographs that he took in the 1990s and more recently, and made several drawings in the subway as part of planning a coherent scene for the final painting. The artist’s father posed for the guitar-playing figure in the front. The title can be interpreted through biblical connotations of a universal togetherness, and not necessarily as “the next” who might perish under terrorist attacks. 

About the Artist: Born in Paris (1974), Nicolas Curmer grew up in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or before studying at the École des Beaux Arts in Lyon. After finishing his studies in 1999, Curmer moved to Paris to study under François Boisrond at the capital’s École des Beaux Arts. His highly varied oeuvre includes portraits, waterscapes, and sport scenes, as well as a beautiful collection of female nudes. Curmer works mainly with oil paint on canvas or wood, which provide the best demonstration of his immaculate skills and eye for detail . Since the completion of his degree at the Parisian École des Beaux-Arts in 2003 Nicolas Curmer has exhibited in galleries throughout France as well as in Munich and Athens. 

text by Jesse Voetman