Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado from Mexico - Spiral

Spiral 2015

Oil on canvas · 30 x 30 cm

£600 at the 1st USEUM exhibtion

In ‘SpiralEduardo Rodriguez Calzado wished to capture the movement of energy, of two opposing forces coming together and becoming one. However, despite the tremendous movement surrounding the image, he still wanted to convey a sense of calm and peace in the painting. This becomes particularly eminent towards the centre of the work, which signifies a feeling of coming home. The artist uses fragmentation of general shapes to something more geometric whilst maintaining an organic quality to it.

About the Artist: Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado (1976) only recently started to express himself through his paintings, after having worked in theatre design for many years. Colourful, dreamlike and sometimes kaleidoscopic; his oil paintings seldom fail to amaze and astonish. The subjects in his works are absorbed into the radiating backgrounds of colours and shapes, creating a strong sense of serenity in a supposed abundance of stimuli. The artist works both from clear images in his head, which he then translates onto the canvas, and from feelings that he interprets through colour and form. Since 2010 Rodriguez Calzado has exhibited his art throughout Mexico and the United States on a regular basis. 

text by Jesse Voetman