Turns out not everyone was too pleased with Judith after her heroic deed... 

Two weeks ago we introduced museum-wide downloads and today we are excited to announce the addition of the Indianapolis Museum of Art to the list of museums from which you can download copyright-free artworks and use in any way you like!

Decorate your Gmail account with a painting you downloaded with this step by step guide! The theme created below features Van Gogh's Still Life of Oranges and Lemons with Blue Gloves.

We are excited to introduce museum-wide downloads! The first museum from which you can download copyright-free artworks and use in any way you like is the National Gallery of Art, Washington!

We are excited to announce that a new set of free artworks you can download in high resolution is out now!

With incredible skill, Arturo Samaniego depicts his subjects: the sea -that primordial mother, source of all life- and the woman -symbol of beauty, love and finally life-.

7 January 2017

The Art of Vita Di Milano

Vita Di Milano is a highly gifted artist, whose artistic skills are indisputable in all regards; be it technically, thematically, or conceptually (with his references to social criticism, or the use of irony and also with symbolic ones).

Today we are excited to announce that we are launching a brand new feature that we first announced in May, enabling everyone to Download Artworks from USEUM, making art accessible like never before! The Download Artworks page can be found on the main menu to "Artworks" > "Free Images" > "Download Artworks".

The so-called Munich School, and the personal bonds between Greek painters and Munich artistry during the 19th century...

Foteini Valeonti, founder of USEUM, had the honour to be interviewed by WEgate, a network promoting women's entrepreneurship in Europe. The interview, which can be found below, was also promoted by the Enterprise Europe Network! 

With a background in computer science and interactive digital media, Foteini Valeonti started USEUM during her PhD studies at University College London under the title ‘Making Art more Accessible with Crowdsourcing’The project benefitted from seed-funding and it is the first-ever crowdsourced art museum. Today, it employs 14 people and WEgate wanted to know how it all started.