Claudio Giulianelli from Italy - The Race

The Race 2014

Acrylic and oil on canvas · 50 x 70 cm

£1,500 at the 1st USEUM exhibition

In ‘The Race’ you may recognise the great Italian tradition of the ‘commedia dell’ arte’ that is embodied by the several puppets being held by the young woman. Her flowing headdress and clothing suggest that she is moving, while she appears to be losing the puppet in the far left corner in the process. She symbolises mother Nature and is the representation of the spiritual woman, comparable to the famous Beatrice as told by Dante Alighieri.

About the Artist: Before he developed his passion for the arts, Claudio Giulianelli (1956) studied chemical sciences. His meticulous study of artists like Caravaggio, Hieronymus Bosch and Jan van Eyck greatly influenced his paintings, and inspired Giulianelli to travel throughout Europe to get an up close view of the artworks he had admired from afar. The figures and scenes depicted in his paintings demonstrate an aura of mystery, imagination and symbolism in dreamlike surroundings. A recurring figure, not explicitly male or female, gazes at the viewer inviting him or her into this surreal world. Claudio Giulianelli has been frequently featured in exhibits since the 1970s and his work has been displayed all over Italy and in China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Turkey. 

text by Jesse Voetman