14 September 2021

How to buy a NFT on USEUM Collectibles

There are two different ways to collect a NFT on USEUM Collectibles (1) via debit or credit card (2) using crypto. Both are explained in detail below. Should you have any questions, please Contact us.

Buy a NFT using your debit, or credit card

USEUM Collectibles is amongst the very few platforms that allow collectors to start collecting NFTs, simply by using their card, whilst maintaining full flexibility and freedom on the management of their NFT (e.g. to move it to an external wallet etc).

Once the sale starts (a countdown clock on USEUM Collectibles that informs you when that is) please:

  1. Go to USEUM Collectibles

  2. Open the NFT you are interested in and click Purchase.

  3. Buy the NFT using your credit or debit card details.

  4. Buy Artwork using crypto

Buy a NFT using crypto (for beginners)

Of all the great things people have said about the blockchain, nobody ever said it's simple. This guide explains how you can buy crypto and then how to transfer that crypto to purchase your NFT. Irrespectively of the NFT, by the end of this tutorial, you will have gone through all the common processes that are the building blocks of becoming familiar with this space including: buying crypto-money, setting up new wallets to transfer crypto-money, and securely transferring crypto-money.

Therefore, beyond the actual NFT, this guide also serves as a stepping stone for entering the world of blockchain. Where, in order to use any such platform, a so-called dapp (decentralised app), or to support financially any dapp (e.g. because the project sounds fascinating and because in this world there are no corporations involved and thankfully you are not **the product; so platform creators rely on crypto investors for funding) or even to buy some crypto for your child's fund (why not), all of that, all it has to do with, is buying and transferring crypto-money; which is what this guide is all about.

Mesmerising as it may be, the world of blockchain can become equally complex and tough to navigate. If you get stuck at any point, please Contact us and we will do our best to help 👍

Step 1: Set up an account with a crypto exchange

To buy a NFT you need crypto-money (often referred to as cryptocurrency, tokens or crypto). If you already hold crypto-money, please go straight to Step 2. There are various ways to buy crypto-money. The easiest and arguably most secure way to buy crypto is by creating an account with one of the leading centralised exchanges. Especially for people who are new to the crypto space, major crypto exchanges are highly recommended as they protect you both from theft and malicious attacks (as they make extensive use of 2-factor-authentication), but also from personal error (e.g. most commonly losing or forgetting the so called "secret phrase", which is your one-and-only, unchangeable key for decentralised wallets) that could get you locked out of your own wallet irreversibly. As you become more proficient managing crypto-money, you can always move to anonymised and decentralised solutions.

Verification may take up to 2 days (for crypto.com; for Binance even longer), so please start setting up your account well in advance before the 24-hour NFT sale window.

In this tutorial we recommend using a mobile-first crypto exchange, crypto.com. The most popular exchange is Binance, however we prefer Crypto for a few reasons:

  1. It takes maximum 2 business days to verify an account in comparison to 10 business days required by Binance. (Binance offers faster verification but only for accounts that want to buy/sell up to $300 maximum in total in their lifetime).

  2. Better interface for users new to the crypto market, far less overwhelming than Binance, which feels like it is has been designed for professional traders.

  3. crypto.com is mobile-first, offering a far better interface on mobile overall.

It must also be noted that crypto.com, along with Binance, are the exchanges that have dropped the transaction fees to the minimum.

You can download crypto.com below:

Once you have an account setup with a crypto exchange and you have your account verified, please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Buy USDT (or similar)

Now that you have an account with a crypto exchange setup, you can buy crypto-money, meaning that you can convert actual money, like GBP, EUR or USD (all of which is referred to as fiat money) to crypto-money.

The majority of NFT marketplaces operate on Ether (i.e. the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum). However, when using Ether the significant volatility of cryptocurrencies (reaching +/- $1000 in a single day), directly affects the price of NFTs from one minute to another. To counter that, OriginProtocol, the leading blockchain provider powering USEUM Collectibles, uses so-called stablecoins instead. Stablecoins are crypto-money, whose value always equals to $1 USD. Other than that, they are like all other crypto-money and can therefore be used for all types on transactions on the blockchain.

OriginProtocol supports 4 stablecoins, i.e DAI, USDC, USDT and OUSD. In this tutorial we go with USD Tether (USDT) which is potentially the most widely known stablecoin.

If you use the crypto.com app, to buy USDT:

  1. Tap on the crypto.com logo at the bottom (the blue lion)

  2. Tap (+) Buy at the bottom

  3. Select Tether (ESC20) ... USDT from the list

  4. If you don't have any card setup, click: + Add Credit or Debit Card and follow the steps.

  5. Once you have added a card, type in the large text field the amount of USDT you would like to purchase, e.g. 700 USDT.

  6. Tap Buy 700 USDT

Step 3: Create and top-up your account on USEUM Collectibles

To buy your NFT on USEUM Collectibles you must create an "Origin ID"; it only requires a username, your email address and a password. To create your Origin ID:

  1. Go to nft.useum.org

  2. Click "Sign up" on the main menu

  3. Fill in your username, email and password and click Create Origin ID

  4. Check your inbox for an e-mail from "Origin Protocol NFT Launchpad" and click "Verify email" (If you have not received such an email yet, you will be prompted to do that step later, so just continue below)

  5. Click on your username on the top-right and in the drop-down menu click WALLET [📱If you are on mobile, then open the menu from the top left and click Account ]

  6. In the pop-up click the Deposit button

  7. Please read the pop-up and then click Got it

Once the QR Code comes up, please leave that tab open.

Then open your crypto.com app (or similar) to transfer your crypto-money to your USEUM Collectibles account. To do that:

  1. Tap the Transfer button on the main screen of the crypto.com app

  2. Tap the Withdraw button and then tap on Crypto

  3. Tap on External Wallet

  4. On the screen that comes up click the plus sign + on the top right

  5. In the "Add to Whitelist" pop-up tap on Wallet Address

  6. Select Tether (ESC20) ... USDT from the list

  7. In the "Wallet Name" field, type in something to remember this address e.g. "USEUM Collectibles".

    🖥 + 📱 If you have the QR Code open on your computer and the crypto.com app open on your phone:
              1. Tap on the QR Code icon on the far right of the field
              2. When the camera comes up, scan the QR Code from your screen

    📱 If you are soley on mobile:
             1. Got to your browser and tap the Copy to Clipboard button that is below the large QR Code.
             2. Go back to the crypto.com app and paste in the "USDT Wallet Address" field, with the placeholder text Tether (ESRC20) Address

  8. Tap Continue

  9. Open your mailbox and in the "Withdrawal registration confirmation" e-mail, click "Confirm withdrawal address". If you are on your mobile phone, then you will be automatically navigated back to the app. (If you are on the computer the link won't work, because the link is intended to launch a mobile app, so please ignore that. The verification will still happen as normal)

  10. On the crypto.com app if you go back to the "Withdrawal Whitelist" form then you will be able to see the new address.

  11. Next to the "USEUM Collectibles" wallet, tap Withdraw USDT

  12. Tap on the word USDT to allow you to type in the amount in USDT

  13. Then type in the amount you would like to transfer to your USEUM Collectibles account and tap the Withdraw button.

    NOTE: Each transaction costs a fixed fee (which is usually less than $10) however we strongly advise to transfer your crypto-money in 2 transactions 👉🏽 Firstly, to withdraw 16 USDT (the minimum allowed) and once you ensure that this amount has arrived safely in your USEUM Collectibles account, to then transfer a larger amount. Your "USEUM Collectibles" wallet address is stored in your app, so the process should only take a few seconds.

  14. ⏱ Every transaction on the blockchain, especially on Ethereum where the vast majority of NFTs are traded, including USEUM Collectibles, takes a few minutes to be processed. Once you submit your request you will instantly receive an email from crypto.com as a confirmation of your withdrawal request and then about 10-15' later when the transaction has been executed, you will also receive an additional confirmation.

Step 4: Buy your NFT

Once you have topped up your USEUM Collectibles account with sufficient funds:

  1. Go to the NFT page: nft.useum.org

  2. Open the NFT and click Purchase

And finally, congratulations 🥂 You can now have a NFT on the blockchain with your name (i.e. your crypto address) on it. And a signed limited edition print by the artist, whom you will get to meet very soon, coming your way.