Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo  1623

by Anthony van Dyck

[i]Here he had numerous opportunities to paint portraits in which he was marvelously successful and had few equals. He painted Cavaliers and Ladies of our city and all of them so lifelike and invested with a certain air, that . . . . one could sense the spirit of their nobility.[/i] [br] - Raffaele Soprani, Le vite de pittori, scoltori, et architetti genovesi, 1674, on A...
242.9 x 138.5 cm (95 5/8 x 54 1/2 in.)
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington

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  1. In this portrait, Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo is depicted in a grand and imposing manner, Suck Up! Game characteristic of van Dyck's style. She is adorned in luxurious attire, with rich fabrics and intricate details that highlight her status and wealth. The use of light and shadow enhances the three-dimensionality of the figure, bringing her presence to life.