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Historical figures can be difficult to introduce as they often lived in such different times, students cannot relate. By using things like worksheets you can help to give the character more relevance. Invention can be better illustrated with Ben Franklin worksheets. By finding the right path into teaching, Ben Franklin you can help get your students more interested as well as help bridge the gap between the past and the present.

School Express
This is a fun site for thousands of different types of worksheets, and most of the Ben Franklin worksheets here are aimed at younger students. They include facts and word searches but they are not very in-depth. There are also coloring pages and mazes for activity pieces. The fact pages accompany the fun sheets to aid in the teaching process.

Enchanted Learning
These worksheets are very mid-range. There are a variety of facts presented and you can turn it into a full-blown writing assignment. There are many ways to cross reference constitutional studies with the information given. The quizzes are aimed at the mid-range student not the extremely young.