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World Child Cancer charity exhibition extended!

A good deed for Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner and you have one last opportunity to treat yourself, or that special one, with a gift that wouldn't resemble any other!

Curator's Choice on World Child Cancer Exhibition: "Diversity"

One of the key-words describing USEUM’s collection is diversity. Artists from over 100 countries continue to participate in sharing their artworks with art lovers and professionals worldwide. USEUM connects graphic designers from the United States to painters from Kenya to illustrators from the Philippines, and it is wonderfully inspiring to see both the differences and similarities between artists from different countries. 

A wave of summer fun

Art against Child Cancer

An article about USEUM and its recent partenrship with World Child Cancer in launching a charity exhibition of contemporary art.

Written by Andreas Giannopoulos, for the greek publishing company

Morning Glory

Her ‘Daphne and Apollo’ was a great success at our first exhibition in collaboration with Le Dame Gallery last October and we believe that ‘Morning Glory’ will provoke similar responses.

The snapshot of a face in a critical moment

I paint snapshots of faces in a well-chosen critical moment. For reasons of its dramatic power and the geological convulsions of their human flesh which in turn make mine vibrate

Street Scene Near London Business School

This is another familiar scene for the Londoners amongst us! Teo Kim-Liong created this wonderful work of art during his studies at the Slade School of Fine Art.

On the brink...

This timeless still-life radiates tranquillity. Michele d’Avenia’s excellent interaction between light and shadow makes this artwork an absolute masterpiece!

Flower necklace from Georgia

Georgian painter Teimuraz Kharabadze painted this gorgeous flower composition. Bold brushstrokes and warm colours make this artwork one of our favourites!

A great radiotelescope is waiting

Curator’s Choice on World Child Cancer Exhibition: "Abstract Art"

The Ball has ended but the exhibition continues!

World Child Cancer Exhibition and Sale

Open Call: Exhibition for World Child Cancer Charity