Proserpine  1874

by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Oil on Canvas [br] In Greek and Roman mythology, Proserpine daughter of Ceres, was carried off to the Underworld (Hades) by Pluto, who married her despite her love for Adonis. When Ceres begged Jupiter to return her daughter to Earth, he agreed, on condition that Proserpine had not eaten any fruits in Hades. As Proserpine had eaten six pomegrenate seeds, it was decreed th...
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  1. Rossetti yearns to seduce Jane from her unhappy marriage with William Morris. Proserpine had been imprisoned in Pluto's underground realm for tasting the forbidden pomegranate. Jane, trapped by convention, was also tasting forbidden fruit.
  2. Rossetti began work on the painting in 1871 and painted at least eight separate versions, the last only completed in 1882, the year of his death.