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Artist (Pakistan)
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🌀A Self Experiencing Creative Artist●♪~Presently A Painter 🎨 ✍Specializing in Varies Forms of Art but Currently Practicing Fine Arts Paintings❗
✍Practicing Creativity with My Own Choice as my Permanent Career and Profession❗
✍Committing to Art with my Own Efforts & Self Experiences in a Highly Challenging Environment❗
Specializing in Varies Art Presently Fine Art Paintings. Collectively Arthuress at Sacred Mysticism (Sufism). I am Self Learning Artist and Self Employed person!
Sufism or Spirituality is my Path of Living and Natural Phenomena of My Daily Life What and How I Feels at my Heart. I Learned and Yet Learning Healing with Colors and Deep Teachings of Spirituality and Sufism from my Sufi Mentor and Those Learning i Embeds in my Art through my Own Experiences. My Aim Is Just to Make Purposeful Beautiful Colorful Art to Heal Mind, Heart and Soul within my Love for Divine Lord. The Beauty of My Work lies in Hidden Energy of “The Unknown” for Art which I Hid for Years from the world. I Kept Art Making and Never Gave up my Love for Art. Obstacles couldn’t Fail me Instead they Challenged me which I Answered With Love & Dedication. My Artwork Ranges from Figures, Spirituality, Sufism, Calligraphy, Avatars, Surrealism, Portraits, Architecture, Fashion, Landscapes, Abstracts, Nature and Shrine Scapes to Graphic Creative Renderings, Composing, Wall Art and Floral Arrangements, Handicrafts, Furniture Designs and Handmade Lights etc!!!
Presently I am Following my Soul Bursting with Creative Energy Drawing the Vibes of “The Unknown” on Canvas trying to Give this World some Soulful & Peaceful Art which Spreads More Love in this World. For my Walking this Road of Success is my Life being spent in Pursuing Art from my HeArt^!!!

ღஜღ•๋●♪~ Boundless Love ~♪•๋●ღஜღ

Never Mind the Purpose of Art.
Live It From HeArt!

🎨 ArtistSeher Mohammad ♒