Li Mei-shu Memorial Gallery

Museum (Taiwan)
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The gallery was established in 1990 and previously named as “Liu Qing Gang Physician and Professor Li Mei-Shu Memorial Hall.” In April 1995, the galley was relocated to the current location: No. 10, LN. 43, Zhonghua Road., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City and officially renamed to “Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery.”

The purpose of establishing the memorial gallery was in commemoration of predecessor artist, Professor Li Mei-Shu. Professor Li Mei-Shu was born and raised in Sanxia (Sanjiaoyong) locally (1902-1983) who was committed to art creation before his death, art movement and lifelong persistence in the realism style acquired from Tokyo University of the Arts, embracing the rustic beauty of Taiwan and is known as the “Great Wall” in the art movement of Taiwan.

Starting from 1947, Professor Li Mei-Shu committed his lifelong devotion into the reconstruction project of Sanxia Zushi Temple, in order to complete the “oriental art palace” combining civil arts and academic arts through creative art pieces.

Moreover, Professor Li Mei-Shu showed much enthusiasm in charity. Between 1935 and 1958, Professor Li served as the reconciliation staff for Sanxia Street and county councilman to provide services to the township. Later he instructed in National Art College (now known as the National Taiwan University of Arts), Chinese Culture University, National Normal University and many other universities. In his lifelong career, Li has been an artist, educator, politician, and temple architect whose 81 years of remarkable art career opened up a brilliant and legendary chapter in the art history of Taiwan.

Apart from exhibiting Professor Li Mei –Shu’s paintings during different stage, the letters written, painting tools and sketches before Li’s death, were also displayed at the cultural display room of the gallery.

The gallery expects to help visitors experience the course of the creation career as an artist through the exhibition but also further understand the life of Li Mei-Shu was a miniature of the progress of Taiwan’s art towards localization.