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‘It all came out one rainy day, I was in my car, with my wife and son, waiting for my daughter in front of her high school. The battery from my son’s iPad went out, and he was kind of freaked out. After a while, below my driver’s seat, he found a small bottle full of liquid, you know, for making soap bubbles...and it was a revelation for him. Even though it was pouring rain, he jumped out of the car, and started to blow bubbles. He was so happy. His face was full of joy. No iPad, no wifi, nothing but the bubbles in the rain. That is what I saw through my window, that is what I wanted to paint - pure joy.’

"Joy" by Eugen Varzić was also featured in the 1st USEUM exhibition in London
100 x 70 cm
Acrylic on canvas
All rights reserved. Exhibited on USEUM with the permission of the rights owner.
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