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15 9.5 (4)

Figures  1929

by Benjamin F. Berlin

Berlin’s turn to modernism was supposedly initiated by his reading of Jerome Eddy’s notable book Cubists and Post-Impressionism (1914), and his earliest abstractions are indebted to cubism. Although Berlin probably never visited France, by the 1920s cubism was well known in Los Angeles and he would have been aware of it. In this painting the figures are fused with the surr...
32 1/4 x 27 3/8 in. (81.92 x 69.53 cm)
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art



  1. I feel no animosity. I had to think. Turbulent indigo. I wish we could live in peace. Thinking of you all the time. I wish we could share this in peace.