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Zarte Spannung (Delicate Tension)Zarte Spannung (Delicate Tension)
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Zarte Spannung (Delicate Tension)

Recorded as number 85 in the handwritten list compiled by the artist, Zarte Spannung (Delicate Tension) belongs to a large series of watercolours with imaginative titles dated between 1922 and 1923. Two of the set are very similar to the present work in both style and format: Bright Sound and Free Relationship, also painted in July that year. In all three colour is relegated to filling in certain forms and takes on colder hues than in previous periods; what is more, the markedly geometric compositions appear to have been drawn with a ruler and compasses. Read more...
35.5 x 25 cm
Watercolor and ink on paper
© Wassily Kandinsky, VEGAP, Madrid. Courtesy of Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Exhibited on USEUM for Scholarly use.
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