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What is the latest facial device?
There was a time, a long time ago, when ultrasonic facial equipment was popular, where you would soak your face in a device filled with water and let the ultrasonic bubbles cleanse your skin.
After that, there were many analog facial appliances that used rollers to tighten the face, but nowadays, there are facial appliances that use electricity to tighten sagging facial skin or to reduce the appearance of pores with the power of electricity. However, there is a product that has been developed based on a newer idea.
What is L&L Skin?
The latest facial device is one that is connected to the Internet. It's called L&L Skin. Why is a facial device connected to the Internet? I'm sure many of you are wondering. The reason is that you can set your facial device to suit your individual skin.
Advantages and disadvantages about introduction facial skincare device
Introductory facial appliances are mainly designed to allow the beauty ingredients contained in toners and other products to penetrate deep into the skin, and to remove dirt from the skin and pores. It is also effective in reducing the appearance of acne and acne scars.
The skin has a weak electrical film that prevents the penetration of beauty ingredients deep into the skin, but the ionic current from an introduction facial device temporarily weakens the electrical film, making it easier for beauty ingredients to penetrate.
The disadvantage is that fine particle beauty ingredients such as vitamin C and placenta can penetrate easily, but coarse particle ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are difficult to penetrate.
The other disadvantage is that some people cannot use the device because of the electricity it generates. For example, people with pacemakers, artificial heart lungs, or other medical electrical devices, heart disease, facial nerve damage, diabetes, high blood pressure, dental work, atopic dermatitis, detached retinas, eye surgery, menstruation, pregnancy, and the first month after childbirth are not allowed to use it.
Advantages and disadvantages of RF facial skincare device
RF facial equipment emits radio waves to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow deep within the skin, tighten the skin by contracting sagging collagen fibers with heat, and increase the regenerative capacity of the skin by destroying the dermis with heat, thereby increasing the number of fibroblasts that produce collagen and restoring skin elasticity. In addition, it can increase the number of fibroblasts that produce collagen and restore skin elasticity. The increase in collagen helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, which in turn helps prevent wrinkles.
The disadvantage is that there are some people who cannot use this product, such as pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with inflamed and red skin, and people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and atopic dermatitis.
Advantages and disadvantages about Moisturizing Support Device
As the name suggests, a moisturizing support device is a facial device that uses a lotion to help moisturize the skin. This is a few steps more effective than patting on a cotton ball with lotion by hand. They say that the skin feels different in the morning the next day. The downside is that it is so moisturizing that the lotion runs out in no time.
The other disadvantage is that there are many people who cannot use it, such as people with pacemakers or other medical electrical devices, people with heart diseases, people with atopic dermatitis, and people undergoing dental treatment.
Advantages and disadvantages of peeling facial appliances
Peeling facial appliances use ultrasonic vibrations to turn the water on your face into a mist, and the mist is effective in removing makeup, dead skin cells, and sebum from your pores. Many of these products are combined with ion-introduction facial equipment.
It is important to note that it should be done with moisture on the skin. Therefore, the correct way to use it is to do it after washing your face. If you use it on dry skin, the friction will cause more damage to your skin, so be sure to use it when your face is wet.
Another disadvantage is that it inevitably irritates the skin, so if you have weak skin, it may cause redness, worsen acne, or make your skin tingle. The parts that touch the skin are mostly metal, so people with metal allergies should avoid them.
Since this product also uses electric current, it cannot be used by people with pacemakers or other devices, people with heart disease, or people with atopic dermatitis.
Advantages and disadvantages of light/LED facial appliances
Red LED is the color that penetrates deepest into the skin, so it improves blood circulation and metabolism and helps collagen penetration, resulting in improved skin elasticity and anti-aging effects.
Yellow LED reaches the dermis and helps skin turnover, resulting in whitening effects and glow. Green LED prevents pigmentation and is effective for blemishes. Blue LED is effective for sterilization and acne, while white LED improves metabolism and activates cells, resulting in a lifting effect and improvement of wrinkles.
The disadvantage is that they are expensive. The cheapest products on the price comparison sites only have red LEDs, so you can only expect red effects. They are a combination of RF, EMS, and iontophoretic facial equipment, and they only have red LEDs.
The other LED facial device is a dedicated LED facial device, but it costs 102,600 yen. They do not contain UV rays, but the purple LED does. However, there is nothing to worry about because purple LEDs are not used in facial equipment.
What I am worried about is the blue LED. There is talk about the possibility of damage to the eyes and sleep disturbance (just like the blue light from smartphones is said to be bad). In any case, it's hard to say since it's just been created, but be careful not to overuse it.
Advantages and disadvantages of EMS facial device
The NOFL Smart is an EMS facial device that uses a weak electric current to move facial muscles, which is believed to tighten sagging skin and improve facial contours.
Wrinkles and fine lines are also caused by sagging facial muscles, so EMS facial massage tool can be used to prevent and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
By stimulating the cells of the epidermis, it also has the effect of improving turnover. It also activates the fibroblast cells that produce collagen, which can be expected to produce collagen.
The disadvantage is that it is less effective than other facial equipment in whitening the skin and repairing facial blemishes, rough skin, and acne scars.
In addition, although EMS facial equipment is effective in strengthening facial muscles and making your face smaller, it is like muscle training, so if you use it too much every day, your muscles will get tired or break down, and it may even have the opposite effect. It is best to use it no more than twice a week. Also, too much time or too much power can cause cold burns.
Furthermore, because it uses electric current, it should not be used by people who have pacemakers, heart problems, pregnancy, metal bolts surgically implanted in the body, or atopic dermatitis, as is the case with other facial equipment that uses electric current.
How to choose a facial device?
The choice of which facial device to use will depend on the person. Those who want to lift their face lines would choose an RF facial device, while those who seek plump skin through moisturizing effects would prefer a moisturizing support device. Those who are concerned about dirty skin and prominent pores would expect the ionic effect of an introductory facial device to remove dirt, or they may prefer a peeling facial device to directly remove dirt.
There are products on the market that combine these functions, but they are inevitably more expensive. However, it is difficult to say which one is better, as there are advantages to having only one product.
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