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Some Education Term Paper Topic Ideas for You

An Effective Teacher

An effective teacher is someone who provides an academically challenging and fun learning environment, always ready to provide students with any help from algebra help to science help. Their knowledge, expression and love of the subject are what motivate students to sing and, moreover, encourage them to sing the piece with passion. These observations were based on the Chamber Choir and University Chorus. Both conductors from these two observations are excellent examples of effective teachers.

An Evaluation of a Special Education Case Using IDEA and LRE in Schooling Systems.

A law study that seeks to understand what applications of IDEA and LRE apply to a special education student named Jose. By understanding how these regulations apply to this particular student, we can understand how law applies to his case.

An Examination of Achievement Motivation Among Middle Grade African American Males

This paper examinations social and educational factors that impact the motivation of the junior high school African-American male.

An Exploration of Phonics vs. Whole Language Methods

In this paper as an online essay writer you have to provide a brief five-chapter survey of whole language versus phonics reading assessment for students at the K-2 grades. The study of phonics as a language training strategy is highly controversial. Phonics involves the extraction of information from the concept, and thus is believed to minimize the student’s later abilities to work with larger information sets. Those who support the whole language teaching strategy believe that the student needs to approach language as a whole, and not minimize their later ability to learn through focusing specifically on phonics.

An Investigation of Truancy Literature: Keeping Elementary School Students Enrolled at All Costs.

This paper is a review of the literature available on truancy in elementary schools. Truancy in urban and rural environments differs slightly, and this will be of particular note in treatment. An emphasis on the Truancy Arbitration Program in southern Florida will be noted.

An Organizational Analysis of School Systems

This paper identifies how and why the general American public education system promotes conformity. The public education system is representative of institutionalization. Through examining the historical and modern factors which promote conformity within education, this paper identifies how the education system does not educate so much as indoctrinate into accepted social norms.

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