2 August 2015

Putting things into bold perspective

Gustave Caillebotte (19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894): Putting things into bold perspectiveInspired by urban scenes in Paris of the late 19th century and the emerging art of photography, Caillebotte plays with bold perspective presented through unusual viewing angles. 

In his paintings titled “Le pont de l’ Europe” (“The Europe Bridge”) and “Rue de Paris, temps de pluie” (“Paris street; Rainy day”), both presented at the Third Impressionist Exhibition of 1877, grand boulevards, imposing neo-classical buildings and state of the art technological achievements are masterful settings that host the modern city life; evanescent images of people passing by, where next to the architectural marvel lay the first signs of heterogeneity and isolation.


Text by Nadia Economou