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The Young Ladies of Avignon

Did you know that Picasso’s abstract depiction of five Barcelona prostitutes was deemed immoral when it debuted at the artist’s studio in 1907?

Interesting models

Another famous painting with interesting models is Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

The Scream

The Scream 'an icon of modern art ... a Mona Lisa for our time' according to Arthur Lubow.

Who Mona Lisa actually was?

While some claim that Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting is a self-portrait of the artist in drag...

Girl with a Pearl Earring

There is an air of mystery surrounding the identity of the girl. Α theory wants the girl to be Vermeer’s eldest daughter Maria, and another wide spread conjecture claims that she was his maid. The second scenario inspired both a novel and a movie, in which the girl was a servant with whom Vermeer had a relationship. She was painted wearing one of his wife‘s pearl earrings...

Pixelated Santa

Throughout the holiday season you will be flooded with images of Santa Claus. Italian artist Andrea Dalla Val took on a different approach...

A wave of summer fun

Morning Glory

Her ‘Daphne and Apollo’ was a great success at our first exhibition in collaboration with Le Dame Gallery last October and we believe that ‘Morning Glory’ will provoke similar responses.

The snapshot of a face in a critical moment

I paint snapshots of faces in a well-chosen critical moment. For reasons of its dramatic power and the geological convulsions of their human flesh which in turn make mine vibrate

Street Scene Near London Business School

This is another familiar scene for the Londoners amongst us! Teo Kim-Liong created this wonderful work of art during his studies at the Slade School of Fine Art.

On the brink...

This timeless still-life radiates tranquillity. Michele d’Avenia’s excellent interaction between light and shadow makes this artwork an absolute masterpiece!

Flower necklace from Georgia

Georgian painter Teimuraz Kharabadze painted this gorgeous flower composition. Bold brushstrokes and warm colours make this artwork one of our favourites!

A great radiotelescope is waiting

Portrait of Madame Jose-Maria de Heredia by Emile Lévy

The soft colored Louis XVI style room, the elegant light pink evening gown and the classic pose add to the graceful result. Although the painting seems still and the pose conventional, the lady is actually moving while trying to fit one of her gloves, giving the impression that Lévy was there only to capture this moment.

Putting things into bold perspective

Gustave Caillebotte (19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894): Putting things into bold perspectiveInspired by urban scenes in Paris of the late 19th century and the emerging art of photography, Caillebotte plays with bold perspective presented through unusual viewing angles. 

Emancipation day from 1827