The Black Brunswicker  1860

by John Everett Millais

Location: [url=]Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool[/url] [br] This painting was inspired in part by the exploits of the Black Brunswickers, a German volunteer corps of the Napoleonic Wars, during the Waterloo campaign and in part by the contrasts of black broadcloth and pearl-w...
104 cm × 68.5 cm (41 in × 27.0 in)
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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  1. As the critic of [i]The Times[/i] surmised, "her reluctance is due in part to a romantic admiration for this great conquerer."
  2. Kate Perugini, the daughter of Charles Dickens, was used as a model for the woman seen in the picture.The male model was an anonymous soldier who died shortly afterwards. The two models never actually met.