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Playtime (series)Playtime (series)
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Playtime (series)

Theme: "Playtime" Exhibition dates: 15th February to 4th March, 2013 Venue: ArtSpace 1, ChinaHouse, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

One of the many wonderful joys about pet animals is that they never need to be reminded not to take life too seriously - Every time is ‘Playtime’. We enjoy those effervescent moments of watching our pets play, frolic, and run around whenever they are having fun. In this series of portraits, Tilen Ti attempts to capture the playful nature of cats and dogs doing what they do best – Play. So let the games, gambols, schemes and shindigs begin!

This body of painterly works are all done in Tilen Ti's signature style - vivid, surrealist use of colour in deft, bold strokes. ‘Playtime’ is Tilen Ti’s second solo showcase of his body of works.
All rights reserved. Exhibited on USEUM with the permission of the rights owner.
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