Wang LeWei

Artist (Taiwan)
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In 2004 my artwork was shown in a gallery.
As a result, I received a lot of recognition, thus fully launching my career as an illustrator.
My paintings have a surreal style. My greatest inspiration is the world renowned German artist Quint Buchholz who has illustrated over 30 books. I am fascinated by the painted world of Buchholz; quiet and distant.

I often think artists can build another world far away, a world of luck and fun.
We can temporarily transport ourselves and others away from the unhappiness in this world.
At first, I painted using very simple materials; pastels, watercolor or colored ink and needle pens. Whatever I had at hand. Gradually I experimented with different media. I wanted to create more texture and thickness.

Now I’m using acrylics as my media of choice, sometimes mixed with elements of collage. In my work I often use windows, doors, or stairs. These are symbols and metaphors of my heart’s condition. Because of recent changes in my life I have been experimenting with different styles and ways of telling a story with images. It is a difficult road, a life as an illustrator; but this is my calling.