Rodica Alecsandra Miller Petrescu

Artist (United States)
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A Romanian American painter, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, I live and work upstate New York.

Artist Confession

Painting is part of myself, a spectacular ordeal with so few satisfactions, regardless, nothing is more wonderful than the time spent in the studio, when you isolate yourself from the daily turmoil and, with an eagerness comparable to that before a competition, you start working. It is a unique moment, when fatigue and loneliness- which crushed you like a fatality, devouring you without haste- disappear; when the soul loaded with the burden of so many questions starts a secret dialog with himself and with God; when it seems the clock doesn’t move waiting for this miraculous tearing.

Then Love also gets another image.

At last, the painting is ready and speaks about “The Grail”, “The Triumph of Death”, about “The Anatomy of Melancholy”, or ‘The Adventure in Immortality”, “Ritual of Invisibility”, and even about “The Underground Journey”.

Around you, there is silence. Everything has its own meaning, and tired by the achieved flight, you feel like the chronicler of the time, who recorded the results of these experiences to leave them to those who will follow the same Path...