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Though I am a 4th generation artist and have painted all my life, I do not have traditional art training. Instead, I began a successful but more conservative career with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. I soon learned that corporate business and a life of creative fulfillment have little common ground, and my passion for artistic expression through painting eventually won.

My artistic journey has been an individual and often solitary one. It began with the inspiration of my grandfather, the Philadelphia artist and architect Walter Antrim, and his evocative watercolors from travels around the world. I
Walter Antrim
Walter Antrim followed my grandfather's lead in painting, and, as my course of study, I chose to research and experience first-hand the time-honored writings and techniques of the Old Masters. This is an adventure that has taken me to museums and studios from New York to London and throughout Europe. In practice, I have sought out mentors and learned from such varied modern masters as Carolyn Hobbs, renowned sculptor and Renaissance man Sandro Bonaiuto, painter Jay Sargent and the incomparable colorist Bruce Conforti.

My search quickly led to the fine art of portraiture. Some of the most well known names in art history such as Rembrandt and DaVinci have been portrait painters. Their masterpieces demonstrate my conviction that one of art's greatest challenges and achievements is to evoke a sense of individual spirit and beauty. I find my own fulfillment in capturing on canvas the essential qualities found in the people I portray.