Przemek Mikke

Artist (Poland)
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Przemek Mikke was born in 1977 in Warsaw. He has been drawing since childhood. His first encounter with art took place in 1989 while attending a drawing class at The Palace Of Youth in Warsaw. There he learned the basics and techniques of creating professional graphics. He is a graduate of The Faculty Of Graphic Arts at The Academy Of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. He has a special interest in printmaking such as woodcuts, linocuts, mezzotints, aquatints, etchings, dry points, lithography and serigraphy.

He produces paintings and drawings, He is also fascinated with typography and photography. he designs illustrations, murals and cover artworks. The phantasmagoric, imaginary and bizzare world appeals to him; in this world he interprets the surrounding reality in a unique way and produces artworks which is saturated with the feeling of anxiety, gloom, metaphysics, symbols and the grotesque they are rich with irony and humor. He is fascinated by unexplored and mysterious worlds in other dimensions, dreams, and boundlessness on the human imagination. Moreover the artist is inspired by mythology, folk tales, as well as other fields of art - especially literature, movies and music.