Pavel Korzukhin

Artist (Russia)
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Artist from God with an innate sense of harmony, multi-talented, self-rigorous graphic design, landscape paints, monumental panels, sculpture and interior designe master, after twenteen years non-stop different creative activity, who came to icon painting practice, realizing it as apotheosis of the Art History.
Each new composition by Pavel Korzukhin is final. it is done with the involvement of all previous experience and full dedication. With this responsibility are working become full-fledged objects of aesthetic admiration. They do not bother, embedding the lifetime quietly and organically, still isolated and dissolved in its flow. Daily their contemplation allows the viewer to feel implicated Eternity, because of it they are taken, it always finds. They were born into the world is happening not through the efforts of the author's personality, in contrast, the main work is to eliminate, full expulsion of the personality of the product. This work cleaner, washer, janitor - washed off, washed, scrape away everything that hinders see the charm of the divine world.
And to all - hello!