Natalia Stahl

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Natalia Stahl is a St. Petersburg artist and photographer. She was born in Leningrad in the family of artists and architects. Natalia's love for pictorial art revealed in her childhood. Looking at her mum drawing or strolling in the Hermitage with her granny, she dreamed to become an artist. Upon completion of the art school named after Kustodiev and Spanish gymnasium, she entered the St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television, the department of screen arts.
Her art education helped her to apprehend movie and photo arts. During the years of her studying at the University, she succeeded in experimenting, combining these kinds of visual art. After graduation from the University, Natalia realized, that she desire only to draw pictures and to shoot photos. At the present moment, she tries hard to spend all her time with her easel or with a photo camera, visiting various countries and reflecting what she see in her photos and art canvases.
The works of Natalia Stahl trace her several favorite directions. There are canvases, penetrated by the sensation of nature, flowers, water and wind… if you look at the picture for a long time, you will start to hear the rote or the murmur of trees…
Her other pictures reflect fantastic interweaving of fiction, dreams and reality: you can see
unusually bright colors of sky, sea and sun, fairytale birds and beautiful divas…
Natalia reflected her experience as a photographer in the series of canvases, where she chased reminiscences about sporting shows, dynamics of movement, and beauty of human body.
The cinema is movement, the photography is more static, and the art is monumental. To mix them in a composition, known only to her, is the aim of young artist, Natalia Stahl
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