Martin Punchev

Artist (Bulgaria)
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In The beginning:
I grew up in town at the foot of a small valley, part of the Balkan mountain range, where after you prove that you are good for a hunter and you can supply food for the rest of the tribe, you receive a spear and bow and live with many honors .. . did not become a hunter and stick with the computer. I started messing with 3d apps and not long after that I fell in love with CG. What do people when they are in love? The answer is simple – hit it with the bat first then drag it into the cave…that’s when it became time to buy a new PC.
I’m a freelance 3D artist specializing in character and creature creations. I worked at Masthead Studios as a technical art director and 3d character artist. Prior to working at Masthead I worked as a freelance 3d modeller for Advertising. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, play lots of games, become involved in the creation of little apps and tools I like to develop. I work hard to look , listen and learn from everything I can and inspire myself on a daily basis.
What Happens From Here On:
While I’m not so good with predictions for the distant future, I know what I love the most, that I want to continue to sharpen my skills and learn tons and tons of new and exciting things, also to meet with the artists who I admire the most and make new friends, and finally and most importantly – be involved in many kick-ass full of epicness game and art related projects.