Lyubomir Naydenov

Artist (Italy)
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Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1979. Since when a child he developed a passion for art that marked his path and his academic and professional growth. The years at the art high school were followed by a professional course of graphic design, a degree in visual arts and educational science and a master course in visual arts and semiotics of art. Meanwhile, in 2002 he began participating in international printmaking and bookplate exhibitions (35 so far), winning several prizes: title of honor in 2002 and second prize in 2003 at the world small print and painting exhibition (Itart) in Pisa, Italy, first prize in "free subject" section at the art biennial "Fighting poverty in the world" in Ankara, Turkey, in 2005. In 2007 he moved to Italy, where he attended a second master course in decorative arts winning some scholarships. At present, he is working as a self-employed professional in the field of visual arts. Several of his works are kept in museums and libraries in various countries or have become part of private collections in United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, etc.

1994 - 1999
"Academician Iliya Petrov" National High School of Fine Arts Sofia
Graduated in painting.

2000 - 2002
New Bulgarian University, Sofia
Qualification Course in Computer Advertising and Publishing.

2002 - 2006
Graduated in a bachelor`s degree programme in "Visual Arts and Teaching" at Sofia University.
Received an excellent mark for his Graduation project “The Ex Libris, reality and fantasy, words and images”

2006 - 2007
Master`s programme "Visual Arts and Semiotics" at Sofia University

2007 - 2010
Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts Genoa, Italy - Master`s programme "Decoration”. Received an excellent mark for his Graduation project “Little Ida`s flowers - a concept for a children`s book”


The Art of Man – fine arts quarterly journal
Edition 17, Summer 2014

Published Illustrations:

"The Town Musicians of Bremen" - cover of the italian magazine “disegnar(t)e“, November 2010 - INTEGRATA Editrice - Milan

Art work
International exhibitions:

6th - 14th July 2002
ITART 2002:
Resulted in the group of "ORGANIZATION`S DISTINGUISHED"

17th August - 7th September 2002
Harlech Biennale 2002, visual arts
Harlech Printmaking Open 2002 - Wales (U.K.)

17th May - 10th June 2003
2nd Contest - Exhibition EX LIBRIS " Aphrodite's dream ",
part of The VI European Biennial Of Engraving 2003 - Acqui Terme, Italy

24th June - 10th July 2003
Sofia, Bulgaria

5th - 13th July 2003
ITART 2003:
SECOND PRIZE WINNER, Resulted in the group of "FINALISTS"

First International Ex Llbris Competition - Ankara 2003
With exhibitions in:
Ankara State Museum of Fine Arts, 7th - 30th October 2003
Istambul Karsi Sanat Calismalari, 3rd - 23rd December 2003
Adana Metropolitan Municipality Art Gallery, 12ft - 27th January 2004
Eskisehir Anadoly University, 3rd - 26th March 2004
Van Yuzuncu Yil University, 15th May - 15th June 2004

8th - 18th November 2003
ITART 2003:
Finalists Prize Show, Palazzo Gambacorti - Pisa, Italy

1st - 28th November 2003
International Experimental Engraving Project - Timisoara, Romania

4th International Biennial for Ex Libris
"Tribute to the Butterfly" 2004
With exhibitions in:
Guadalupe - March 2004
Otumba - May 2004

May - June 2004
4th Triennial Exlibris Bratislava 2004

September - October 2004
International Ex Libris Competition
"The sun and the moon",
Buenos Aires, Argentina

3rd International Biennial for Graphic Art "The Water" 2004
(only for invited artists)
With exhibitions in:
Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain, 7th - 29th August 2004
Francavilla al Mare, Italy in October 2004

6th International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari 2004, Romania

19th March - 10th April 2005
2nd International Ex Libris Competition Town of Bodio Lomnago -
“Fairy, Tales and Legends”, Italy

10th April - 26th June 2005
4th International Small Engraving Exhibition (for invited artists only),
Cremona, Italy

7th International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari 2005, Romania

21th May - 19th June 2005
7th International Biennial of Engraving
Acqui Terme, Italy

17th August - 26th October 2005
First International Triennial EX-LIBRIS of Lefkas, Greece

September - December 2005
6th International Competition of Ex Libris Gliwice, Poland

21th November - 30th November 2005
First International Turkish Grameen Micro - Credit Art Biennial
"Striving Against Poverty in the World", Ankara, Turkey

December 2005
International Ex Libris Exhibition “Gubernija 1665”
Siauliai, Lithuania

8th - 19th March 2006
International Ex Libris Competition IX Winter Paralimpic Games - 2006
Turin, Italy

4th International Biennial of Graphic Art “The Earth” 2006
(for invited artists only)
With Exhibitions in:
Francavilla al Mare, Italy in May - June 2006
Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain in September - October 2006

8th October - 1st November 2006
Remo Palmirani Prize Ex Libris Competition
“Canticle of Canticles”
Soncino, Italy

11st - 16st December 2006
2nd International Printmaking Exhibition titled "Tabula Rasa"
Istanbul, Turkey

9th - 25th March 2007
International Exhibition Biennial VIII edition "GRAPHIC AND EX LIBRIS"
(only for invited artists)
Casale Monferrato, Italia

31st March - 5th May 2007
3rd International Ex Libris Competition Town of Bodio Lomnago -
“Opera and Melodrama”, Italy

2nd International Ex Libris Competition Ankara 2007, Turkey

September 2008
International Ex Libris Competition “The Enchanted Wood” (La Bella
Addormentata nel Bosco),
Bosia, Italy

3rd December 2008 – 30th January 2009
International Exhibition of Small Graphic and Ex Libris
Milan, Italy

6th - 22nd March 2009
International Exhibition Biennial IX edition "GRAPHIC AND EX LIBRIS"
(for invited artists only)
Casale Monferrato, Italy

September 2009
International Ex Libris Competition “Arti Grafiche Colombo”,
Gessate (MI), Italy

October 2010
3rd International Ex Libris Competition Ankara 2010, Turkey

October 2010
8th International Competition of Ex Libris Gliwice, Poland

3rd - 22nd December 2011
Satura Prize Second Edition
Genoa, Italy

15th March - 7th April 2013
International Exhibition Biennial XI edition "GRAPHIC AND EX LIBRIS"
(for invited artists only)
Casale Monferrato, Italy

Important commissions:

2013 - Panel with the "Virgin of the Letter" for Saint Erasmus chapel in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genoa), Italy


Ovada Rotary Club - Acqui Terme, Italy
Ex Libris Collection

Municipal Public Library - Gliwice, Poland
Ex Libris Collection

Art Museum Timisoara, Romania
Contemporary Prints Collection

El Instituto Zacatecano de Cultura "Ramon Lopez Velarde"
and El Instituto Municipal de Cultura de Guadalupe, Mexico

The Gallery of the town of Bratislava, Slovakia

Fine Arts Museum Claudio Leon Sempere, Buenos Aires, Argentina
and Argentinian Museum of Ex Libris

Museo Internazionale della Grafica (a part of Museo Michetti),
Francavilla al Mare, Italy

The future Museu del Mar - Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Spain.

Florean Museum, Carbunari, Romania

The Iowa Exhibition Archive (Iowa University) Iowa City, USA

Italian Ex Libris Association

Town Library of Bodio Lomnago, Italy

The City Museum Ala Ponzone, Cremona, Italy
(International Graphic Collection, Print room for antique and modern Art)

Museum of Engraving - Castello dei Paleologi,
Acqui Terme, Italy

Cultural Center of the Municipality and The Library of Lefkas, Greece

Lions Club District 108 la I - Italy

Museum of Printmaking, Casa Stampatori - Soncino, Italy

Painting and Sculpture Museum Association - Istanbul, Turkey

International Ex Libris Center (Community Museums) Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Works in private collections in Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Belgium, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Canada