Leszek Gaczkowski

Artist (Poland)
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Leszek Gaczkowski

Short Portfolio

Leszek Gaczkowski was born and live's in Silesia, Poland. He receivet a technical education even though from an early age hi exhibited strong interest in music and arts. He also plays guitars. However hi gaveup his pssions to pursue a different path, now he's coming back to it.

He belives that painting or any other from of art is an ilustration of his ideas. It expresses his feelings, his natural abilities and effort often associated with joy of creating.

His artworks including paintings are owned not only to his natural abilities , for which he is extremely greatful but are also the effect of self study self improvement but most of all hard work!

His favourite techniques are pastels, oil paints and water colors, but he does not stray from charcoal, sepia and sangguine as well. Pastels are very delicate tools perfect express elusive details such as facial expressions which have lately became one his favourite pursuits. He focused on capturing feelings and emotions producing his own original style.
Among his artworks we can find both iconic , wel known faces of those known to everyone and those which belong to anonymous people , he has met on hes way and who have inspired himself him. Although he his devoted himself to the art of portraits he hasnever limitedhimself to this branch area. As a versatile artist he was always looking for new challenges and inspirations. That let him to discover his great passion to paint landscapes and made him very adept in hard and demanding but careful watercolor technique.

Within his own unique style many of his artworks tie to those of great impressionists he creates his own , one of paintings but also reinterpretates alredy existing paintings.

He displays his artwork in the best known atistic galleries which are asocitated with many artists in Poland. Some of his paintings are also on procverment and now decorate , houses of private collectors in countriessuch as England, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium and Poland.

This passion for active paintings dates back to 2010. Hi is very open to suggestions and inspirations and shares his experirnces with others willingly. Recently he painted with his life's partner Cecylia Dąbrowska who he has worked with and he has promoted in his own gallery „ Gaczkowskiart”

For more information leszek.gaczkowski@gmail.com