Kevin Ledo

Artist (Canada)
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My art practise to date has been deeply influenced by two significant factors. The first being that I was raised in a devoutly Catholic family in Montreal, and the second my education as an illustrator. Despite being neither a practising Catholic nor a practising illustrator, my orientation in painting is clearly in reaction to the two.

My work borrows heavily from religious iconography – I often work with the idea of saintly beauty. At the same time, through my training in illustration and design, I am interested in the ways in which female beauty has been idealized in the media – specifically in high-end designer advertisements. These interests have been brought together in my ongoing series The Guiding Light. My research into religious subject matter has continued in the series Ethereal Manifestations, which considers religious symbology for the 21st century. I am captivated by ethereal wonderment and am concerned with idealism, beauty vs. divinity, mythology and mysticism.

I am a Portuguese Canadian who grew up in a mix of ethnic and urban cultures in Montreal. From skate and rave, punk and metal, to hip hop and techno, I have been inspired by the communities which I have involved myself in. I have exhibited internationally, and am presently represented by Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal and Ayden Gallery in Vancouver. I have exhibited at the ModeMuseum in Hasselt, Belgium, and painted with En Masse at Art San Diego and the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. I have been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, Cool Hunting and numerous other publications and media including CBC Radio1, The Gazette and the Montreal Mirror.