Henk Loorbach

Artist (Netherlands)
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I get parking tickets and annoyed.
the atom bomb and the bikini are powerful weapons.
i make video thru the use of all kinds of techniques,
computers obviously but i try to combine it with a more “human” feel.
drawings, cut out paper, stop motion, photography, anything goes.
by using color, shape and movement in relation to eachother and time
i try to create a piece that provokes communication of whatever kind.
if time wasn’t always such a stress factor i would actually love time
if it’s visible it is of interest to me and if it’s invisible
i am most likely just as interested.
i love my girlfriend, my 2 dogs and a good glass of old rum.
i spend my spare time drawing in a sketchbook or with a glass of old rum.
i believe music is one of the only true forms of magic left in this world.
in general, i can’t stand “isms”, even though i like futurism and cubism
but not necessarily more than other forms of art.
i really admire the work of alexander calder and stuart davis.
i love subtle movement and heavy contrasts, but not too obvious.
maybe this didn’t tell you anything or it could even be
too much information altogether,
it’s safe to say, superelectric thinks life is lovely.