Helena Gold

Artist (Sweden)
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I am an artist of modern times... I want to be inspired and to inspire... i wanna be a source and a beginning, a very different one...

Born in Moscow and is active artist since 1990. Have previously explored the various techniques of painting: working with oil, acrylic, watercolor, but also sculpture in papier-mâché, clay and glass, textile printing, photo, copperplate prints and figure drawing. Found that acrylic colors suited me best due to its characteristics and manageability.

I am a curious person that celebrates freedom. Painting gives me the freedom to capture the feeling and ideas, creating harmony in life. The feeling of frustration when nothing works and the joy when everything is correct, conditions that are relentless.

My inspiration I find in fashion, design and theater decor.
My goal is to bring an aesthetic satisfaction as well as a message and a feeling of well being while those two things become a part of the interior of the modern home. Art should be accessible to all, and by this I mean that every individual should be able to find any individual in it without being familiar with the subject, therefore I want to inspire and to show that things are not allways what they appear to be at first place.

It is difficult to describe my style in one word. Therefore, I divide my style in three directions that are quite different but interact with each other.

The first branch is the figure - representing: Where I focus on the contrasts, the human body and strong backgrounds. (see Liljana)

The second branch is impression - cohesive: feelings and visualized messages to a device of colors. (see Prinzessa)

The third is a mixture of two first branches in which elements from both styles are presented and intertwined.

Hope you will enjoy my work......