Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz

Artist (Spain)
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From an early age I came into contact with art. After having learned for one year in Madrid from the painter Ginés Liébana, I moved my painting studio to Amsterdam, where I successfully completed my studies at the academy Wackers in 2.002. This background has given me the possibility to combine the best of both worlds.
While working with oil on canvas or ink on paper, I also use other techniques such as collage or the direct application of pigment, wax, copper or silver on paper or canvas. Sometimes I paste pieces of paper with words or text in the sky of my landscapes, like clouds that constantly change. In these works each olive tree is also portrayed with its own appearance and frozen movement. Everything is written in nature. Other recurring themes in my work are the human body and the still lifes. Movement, replication and expression are here also key elements. My models seem to move in this dance of life.
Eternity, expiration, but also the hope that every spring nature again wakes up and blooms are for me great sources of inspiration and I hope that they are present in my still lifes . The fruit falls from the tree but the tree will bear fruit again next year.