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Elli Griva

Artist (Greece)
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When we stand in front of “Pure Emotion”, everything+everyone bends.
We are vulnerable+naked!
Artworks+humans have many similarities.
Because, in both cases, “What”, or “Who” moves us- human or art artwork-, is the One who/which had found it’s core+it’s love itself.

I am Elli Griva+ Art, is my way, of communicate, connect myself, derive, offer, dream+create Something New.
I was born in Thessaloniki, +I lived there until I was 20 years old.
My dad was a lawyer, so I studied for 3 years in the University of Law School in Thessaloniki+then, without feeling any guilt, I quit Law for Art.
In 1994, I passed the exams for the Athens School of Art ( as the first one with scholarship+so, I found myself in Athens.
Since then, I live here, in Athens.
Although sometimes, I snarl about, telling the truth, I really love this city!
This kind of “anarchy” + “ugliness” that Athens has, is so impulsive, that makes me feel that, I can fit.
I graduated from ASFA, in 1999+since then, I Live+Feel+Create mainly here+sometimes abroad.
My work isn’t a work!!!
My work…is…my feelings transformed to words+pictures.
As much I love paintings, I love words too.
I have already published 2 poetry collections.
One is: “49 painted poems”+the other is:“11+-/. A Love Story in The Intermidiate Time”
I had colaborations with important galleries, as:
I had participated in Art-Athina+in many Group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
My solo exhibitions are 15.
For me, Art, is the experimental way of “reading” + transform reality
I “take over” one place+ I transform it to Something New.
I transform it, in: what I need at this specific period, in order to feel that I fit+belong.
I create Painting Enviroments, meaning, that, I express+tranform my feelings through everything that is needed: words, paintings,
and performances, light, sound and evertthing that can be used in the name of creativity…!
+that’s all about me using words!
Many kisses,

Elli griva
1990-1992: Law School f University in Thessaloniki.
1994: Passed the exams for the Athens School of Art
( as the first one with scholarship.
1999: Graduated from the Athens School of Art (

Elli Griva on web_

April 2015
Presentation to: “LIVING POSTCARDS” Iliada Kothra

March 2015
Interview on Skype, to Nikos Zappas for ‘’Civilization today’’

January 2015
Interview to Efi Michalarou for: “DREAM-IDEA-MACINE”

December 2014
Interview to Nndia Soufli for the: “ΗΟΜΕ GALLERY PROJECT” to “savoir ville”

Interview to Iliada Kothra for: Living Postcards

Interview to Anna Tsalaga for: “ΤΗΕ MACHINE”

Interview to Iliada Kothra on: Amagi Radio

Interview to Nikos Zappas for: “ΑTHENS INTERVIEW”!elli-griva/cfqr

Presentation of my work on: Iliada Kothra

Interview to Lambros Arapakos for ‘’Submarine’’ magazine.

Interview to: “CULTURENOW

Interview to Zeta Zachou, Patra.

Interview to Nandia Soufli for: “CR MAGAZINE”.

Elli Griva+Nikos Giavropoulos

AUDIO BOOK+VIDEO from the same titled book: ‘’11+-/. A Love Story in The Intermidiate Time’’
Story-voice: Elli Griva
Sound-vieo: Vasilis Stamkopoulos

The exhibition in Cube Gallery, Patra

Presentation of poetry collection, named: “Yes. 49 painted poems’’.
Bookstore: Ianos
Loukia Rikaki-Megakles Rogakos-Elli Griva

The exhibition: ‘’ Yes. The Bound Home.’’
Video” Loukia Rikaki

The exhibition: ‘’ Yes. The Bound Home.’’
Gallery: Astrolavos
Video: Fanis Logothetis.

Interview for my solo exhibition: ‘’I want you’’
Gallery: Nees Morfes.

‘’ I want you ‘’
Gazi, Athens.

Solo Exhibitions

1998: “Paintings”
Gallery: Into The Art + Art café Grotesque, Thessaloniki

2000: “why don’t you play with me?”
Gallery: Eos, Athens

2001: “Oh, what a wonderful world”
Gallery: Paratiritis, Thessaloniki

2003: “…It flies…it fies…’’
Gallery: Statement, Athens

2004: “Οh, what a wonderful world”
Gallery: Tricky trick art, Athens

2006: “why don’t you play with me?’”
HOXTON bar, Athens

2007: “I want you”
Gallery: Nees Morfes, Athens

2007: “I want you”
Gallery: Ionos, Karditsa

2007: “I want you”
Gallery: Maria Gouma, Nafplio

2008: “I want you”
Gallery: ART-SPACE, Santorini

2009: “YesThe Bound Home.”
Gallery: Astrolavos, Athens

2011: “…small red volcanos, from planet: Β611”
Gallery: CUBE.

2011: ‘’11+-/. A Love Story in the Intermidiate Time’’
Gallery: Astrolavos, Athens

2012: ‘’I Became the World Tour, Inside me.’’
Gallery: Ionos, Karditsa

A new approach in artist+in art from Elli Griva
An exhibition in the house of the artist.

2009: “Yes 49 painted poems.”
Poetry collection of Elli Griva

2010: “I dreamed about white Christmas”
Story: Thanasis Triaridis
Paintings: Elli Griva.

2011: ‘’11+-/. A Love Story in the Intermidiate Time’’
Poetry collection of Elli Griva

2012: ‘’The boy behind the glass’’
Story: Thanasis Triaridis
Paintings: Elli Griva.

Poems: Andreas Giannopoulos
Paintings: Elli Griva

2014: ‘’ Tears of the wood’’
Story: Thanasis Triaridis
Paintings: Elli Griva.

2007: “I want you”
Gazi, Athens

2009: ‘’11+-/. A Love Story in The Intermidiate Time’’
Elli Griva+Nikos Giavropoulos
T.A.F. (The Art Foundati

Group exhibitions

1997: “Art Heineken”. Gallery: Melina Merkouri, Athens

1997: “International Workshop”. ASFA, Delfis

1999: “Group exhibition of 9 new artists.’’ Gallery: Mylos, Thessaloniki

2000: “Graduated exhibition of ASFA’.’ Gallery: Fctory, Athens

2000: “Woman stories”. Gallery: Eos, Athens

2001: “Body”. Vafopoulio, Thessaloniki
2001: “Move on”. Gallery: Art tower agora, Athens

2001: “Cheap art”. Athens

2002: “Cheap art”. Thessaloniki

2002: “Review-Preview”. Gallery: Statement, Epidavrus

2003: “Action Field”. Thessaloniki

2003: “Group”. Gallery: Paratiritis, Thessaloniki

2003: “Party animal”. Bar: 3 Pigs. Mr Kriton + Daphne Zoumboulakis, Athens

2004: “Cheap art”. Thessaloniki

2004: “Book illustration”. Athens

2004: “Book+child”.International exhibition,

2004: “2000 copies of mickey Mause”. Greek-American Union, Athens

2005: “2000 copies of mickey Mause”. Warehouse, Thessaloniki
2005: “Dane+ Greek illustrators celebrating Christian Andersen”. Gallery: Melina Merkouri, Athens

2005: “For lovers and not only for them…’’. Gallery: Eos Athina

2005: “International Festival of Art” Chania, Krete

2005: “Cheap art”. Athens

2006: “There is nothing to be ashamed of choosing happiness” London

2006: “Fresco+Salty 2”, Art-workshop.Thessaloniki

2006: “Water”, Telloglio, Thessaloniki
2006: “WO [+] MAN”, 5 art festival, for human rights
2006: “Cheap-Art”,, Athens

2006: “Bazaar”, Tint, Thessaloniki

2007: “Cheap art”, Thessaloniki

2007: “Art-Mart”, Vienna

2007: “Phototherapy art week 07” Rethimno, Krete

2007: “Let’s not forget this time”, a burned exhibition, Athens
2007: “Miniature art exhibition”, Geborgen Kamers, Holland

2007: “Cheap art”, Athens

2008: “Open Art Residency, Dream Island, Eretria

2008: “Art in winery...25(+) 45(-)”, Skouraswinery+ gallery Maria Gouma Nafplio Malandendri, Argolis

2009: “Silent Dialogues”THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GREECE- ACG-ART. Athens

2009: “Notes for a tree/ recycling notes’’, Gallery: Melina Merkouri, Athens

Elli Griva+Nikos Giavropoulos.
T.A.F. (The Art Foundation)
Poems: Elli Griva
Gallery: CUBE, Patra

2011: “The garden of illusions”
Gallery: CUBE. Patra

2011: “A4 PROJECTS”
T.A.F. Athens

2011: “ART-AZ”. Art donated festival for homeless people, Athens
2011: ‘’ENCOUNTERS’’. Gallery: Melina Merkouri, Athens+ Teloglio Thessaloniki

2011: ‘’SEXPLOSION .PENIS+VAGINA RELATIONSHIPS’’ in the contemporary visual Arts. BOOZE,
2011: ‘’HOME’’ Gazi, Athens

2012: “Anything and Νothing is right”. Gallery: the art wall, Athens

2012: ‘’Extroversion’’ Instabul

2012: ‘’ Digital’’ ALPHA BANK collection, Greek-American Union, Athens

2012: “Sing for Light I” Gallery: Astrolavos, Athens

2012: “ART-AZ”. Art donated festival for homeless people, Athens

2012: ‘’PUENTES CULTURALES’’. Atenas-Quito, Equador

2013: ‘’ART WALL’’. Fresh Hotel, Athens

2014: ‘’ASPERGER/ the strange thing, of being a wild animal or a god’’, Cheap art Halandri, Athens

2014: “Cheap art”. Αthens


2015: “WELCOME” XANIaRT’’ Chania, Krete

2015: “A room of your Own”
Gallery: CUBE, Patra


- Elli Griva writes every month, on CITY code magazine, a magazine on web.

- The poetry collection: ‘’Yes.49 painted poems’’ which was published by Maria Gouma Gallery in a few numbered copies, was presentated in Ianos bookstore, with the kind+friendly participation of Loucia Rikaki+Megakle Rogakos.

- 2012-13. Participation in:’’ O.S.T ‘’ Original Soundtrack,a docoumentary for the soundtrack on movies, by Fanis Logothetis+ Spyros Andreadis.
It took discrimination on Festival of Thessaloniki+ it was presented in theaters in Athens+ in all country+also had an honorable participation on Greek Film Festival in London.


Books illustrating
30 titles

Lessosn of drawing, in ‘’Praxis’’, a studio prepearing students for giving exams for the School of Art

Private lessons of drawing, prepearing students for giving exams for the School of Art

Fashion School Veloudakis: lessons for color.

Private lessons of painting. A combination of ‘’inner +outer reading’’.